Klairs is…

Klairs is a high-quality skincare brand that provides gentle, simple products for those with sensitive skin.

Brand story

Klairs was born in 2009 from a desire to bring skincare back to its simple roots. But, the real story starts in 2010, when young entrepreneur and now current Klairs CEO, Ryan Soungho Park, founded Wishcompany – a Korean cosmetic distribution and marketing company.

Personally testing and curating the best of Korean beauty himself, Park saw the beauty market become a war zone of increasingly complicate products. Rather than listening to the basic needs of the skin and their customers, cosmetic companies were racing to become eye-catching and trend-savvy.

This is when Park discovered Klairs, and the rest was history. The mild but effective products were gentle enough for his sensitive skin and perfect for those with sensitive skin similar to him. After being irrevocable drawn to the brand, Park brought Klairs to the public.

Klairs quickly became famous in Korea for their simple, high quality products through word of mouth, and what started as a small company less than a decade ago, quickly became global. With thousands of customers around the world now relying on Klairs, the brand continues to grow and develop.

Simple but enough – Klairs.


Brand Philosophy

No harsh ingredients

Klairs puts the utmost attention into the creation of each product. Each ingredient is handpicked and tested, and harsh filler ingredients, chemicals, alcohol, parabens, and artificial colors & perfumes are removed

No animal testing

Since our foundation in 2009, Klairs recognizes the importance of being gentle to the earth, and prides ourselves on being a green, eco-friendly, cruelty-free brand

High quality, reasonable prices

Focusing our resources on creating the best products, the Klairs name is spread through word-of-mouth. Costly marketing is made obsolete, allowing our products to reach the public at reasonable prices




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