Missha cosmetics

Cosmetics and skin care are no longer a luxury, in fact, they have become everyday must have items that have even stepped over the boundaries of gender. Unfortunately such everyday essentials are sold at rocket-high prices where customers no longer pay the price of the actual product however are instead found to be paying the price of extravagant packaging or mass media advertising.

Although at the moment Missha is surrounded with steeply priced competitor’s cosmetics; it is our mission and goal to normalize such extravagant pricing. We firmly believe that we can only accomplish this through constant support and interest from our Missha loyalists that have been steady and strong with us ever since the first day of opening.

Missha does not believe in mass media advertising or extravagant packaging but rather reaching customers through our stores themselves that are located within the heart of various cities and states as well as high quality, customer approved cosmetics. We are more than grateful and happy that our philosophy has been well received and fully understood by customers who love to shop at Missha.

Missha will continue to achieve recognition worldwide for the quality of our cosmetic products and not by packaging. It is our sincere belief that through quality alone, Missha will be able to captivate customers’ hearts forever.

Our products reflect our belief that the inside is more important than the outside and that content.



Our philosophy

Quality before Quantity

Using state-of-the-art technology to extract plant substances, we produce the best products at the lowest possible prices.

Customer Service

At MISSHA, customer feedback, comments, and satisfaction levels are paramount. These suggestions and opinions are reflected in our products .

Customer profitability

We have simplified the distribution chain and persisted in our low-price policy of strict production and distribution maintenance to allow our customers to be profitable.

Social responsibility

Our company will share the profits achieved through sales to assist neglected and estranged neighbors.

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