Neogen cosmetics

A concept defined by naturalistic futurists that fuel research based on the concept that human lives are destined to always evolve and communicate in nature and with nature.

For utmost healthy and beautiful skin benefits delivered through the new 4th generation cutting edge bio technology.

Developed by NEOGENLAB has developed very innovative new skin rejuvenating formulas based on the concept of Neo-Nature, endless dermaceutical research, and application of advanced biotechnologies with more focus on safer, high performing, multi-purpose solutions to improve skin penetration capability.

NEOGENLAB always researches the better way to deliver the maximized effectiveness to the Dermal system but also develops formula technologies that utilize bio-conversion technology and Sub mic ro Stabilization Technology in order to improve the skin’s penetration capability.

NEOGENLAB always proves dermal efficacy through many clinical tests.

Exclusive distributor in the European Union


Neogen and its brands provide a personalized approach regarding our daily skin care. We strongly belive that our customers are exeptional and their needs differ depending on age, skin type and life style.

Our lines:

NEOGEN CODE9 is about trend and vibes. It aims for healthy lifestyle and is always on top of the latest beauty & fashion trends.

NEOGEN DERMALOGY is a progressive solution equipped for every skincare needs. It is driven by innovative dermaceutical science and exceptional innovations fueled by exclusive Neogen 6-Core Biotechnology.

RE:P – aims at Vegans. Re:p was created to develop healthy, clean, and glowing results without the harmful effects of artificially modified ingredients and to deliver an eco-conscious practice skin care harnessed from the power of botanically based ingredients for a healthy skin future (recycled paper packaging and natural soy Ink).

NEOGEN AGECURE is a natural alternative to Botox. Effective age solutions with visually high impact results driven by advanced, patented formulas.

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