Swiss Pure

Swiss Pure cosmetics

SWISSPURE makes products containing substances obtained from herbs that grow under the harsh environment of the Alps in pristine Switzerland in order to deliver Mother Nature’s purity to the skin.

SWISSPURE, in cooperation with alpine herb farms in Switzerland, harvests herbs and flowers cultivated at the farms with great care in order to preserve the purity of nature.

It aims to provide the most effective products containing abundant life energy and healthy vitality.

Through a formula focusing on ingredients with proven effects, it avoids an unnecessary formula and pursues an economical formula that draws out maximum effects.


SWISSPURE’s primary function is to deliver the unique energy of raw materials from Swiss.

Edelweiss is a symbolic ingredient of SWISSPURE. It has an excellent effect as a cosmetic ingredient and can show “SWISSness” the best.

Anyone can use SWISSPURE products safely anytime under any circumstances.

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