You will love Frudia brand for its:

Technology – R Vita W! This method involves extraction of raw material, without loss of active ingredients, by compressing the entire fruit without heat. This method maintains every drop of fruit’s nutrition and vitamins for longer. Unique, long-lasting fragrance. Leveling unnecessary chemicals. Cute and universal packing awarded by IF DESIGN AWARD 2017 and New You Beauty Award 2017. Highest quality accessible within resonable price. Botanical skin-like sheet provides moisture to skin and relieves irritation caused by stress. Formula! For years the common base for skincare products has been water. Frudia instead uses a 100% fruit base – gained through the R VITA W method, in order to deliver a softer moisturizing and stronger antioxidant results. Frudia discovered the wisdom of true beauty from fruits, which are naturally occurring antioxidants. Protecting seeds and nurturing new life, fruits are a rich storage of nutrients that even protect the beauty of flowers as they bloom. After 30 years of dedicated research by the scientists at Welcos, Frudia has now found a way to make your skin nurture and glow as well.