The A’pieu brand was created for young people (between 20 and 30 years of age) who are just starting their adventure with skincare and makeup. These are products with mild, innovative formulas, which with their unique design have gained popularity and recognition around the world.


The smart thinking is on Blithe. Just enjoy it! We observe the lifestyles of urban women and continue to study on how to effectively resist skin-aging from urban life (“Anti-Polluaging”). Blithe provides new health and comfort to your skin by developing the optimized recipe of plant ingredients from longevity area with our best R&D team.

Belleza Castillo

Korean brand with over 50 years of experience. These are high-quality Korean skin care products that have gained recognition around the world. Belleza specializes in the production of unique printed sheet masks, using ingredients certified by ECOCERT.

Dilly Delight

Joy and beauty go hand in hand. Positive thinking, smile and delight is a proven recipe for beauty. The Dilly Delight brand creates products for women from 20 to 30 years of age, which with their originality and creativity will make everyday care a pleasure.

Dr Mola

A brand driven by Korean, traditional skincare that will help you uncover the latest k- beauty trends. It is a harmonious combination of quality, cute design at an affordable price. A carefully selected blend of ingredients, rich in significant amounts of antioxidants helps shield your skin from free radical damage. We prioritize self-development through gathering, analyzing and implementing our customers feedback. Easy Use Beauty Look by Dr. Mola


Frudia is a combination of the words “fruit” and “dia”. Dia, which stems from the Green word meaning “by” or “of”, describes the process by which Frudia mimics nature to nurture the skin. Frudia takes the energy of natural antioxidants derived from fruit to create nourishing skin care. The journey of Frudia: extracts from a local farm to your home! Products based on 30 years of research: Frudia’s founders began to direct their attention to one main question – how to deliver the beneficial properties of fruit to the skin with a minimal loss of nutrents.


“Dear Klairs” much like many people think of personal letters when they think of the word ‘dear,’ in this case, it is a letter to a fictional girl, Klair, who suffers from sensitive skin. Klairs makes sure to create products with only the most effective, necessary raw ingredients, all of which have passed the safety measures of a research lab specializing in dermatologist brand skin care. We make sure our products don’t contain components that can irritate sensitive skin. Klairs is… + Respectful of the beauty of the environment and carries healthy values regarding the earth. + Simple and contains only the most necessary ingredients (NO colorants, NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO artificial fragrances/fragrance free).


It is the basic sap cosmetic line containing unaltered prototype of maple tree sap. Originally a beauty research and manufacturing company, May Coop’s founders discovered maple tree sap’s amazing properties and high absorbability due to the smaller size of its molecules and uses this special ingredient as the foundation for their entire product line.


Quality should be affordable. Missha firmly believes that beauty products, both skincare and makeup, should be of the highest quality while maintaining value and affordability. It’s the quality of the product content and the ingredients that make the difference. Missha offers a wide range of affordable, quality products for your skin’s needs and beauty solutions. Our Goal is to provide quality products (with a view to our customers’ opinion) that help unveil beautiful, glowing skin. We promise gradual change with time and improvement in your skin with continuous use of use products.


The squeezed juice serum mask line features a variety of fruit and vegetables to relieve skin stress from the environment and moisturize and re-energize skin. Each mask contains a Veggie Balance Complex made from fruit and vegetables of the same color. Mustus proprietary technology 10-(patent application number 2017-0050868) protects the shape of sheet mask without the use of protective film.


Neogen brand constantly strives to deliver ultimate true skin benefits through maximized delivery of skin benefiting ingredients from nature. Neo-nature is future-oriented concept term and the research field defined by naturalistic futurists based on the foundation that human lives are destined to always evolve and communicate in nature and with nature. Personalized products according to each line: Dermalogy: beauty innovator with the latest derma-ceutical research and innovations that deliver solutions for your every skin care needs. Code 9: bold, chic and trendy, Neogen Code 9 will ensure you feel confident in your own skin through versatile, trendsetting products that deliver high-performance results for any occasion life throws at you. Re:p: vegan friendly line that uses recycled paper and soy ink.

Petite Lael

Beauty brand LAEL is developing as a leader in the beauty industry, introducing high quality and differentiated products in convinient, small pouches. Use cosmetics easily during the your trip! Choose your favorite product, from foundation to shadows! Complete beauty of everyday life, Petite Lael.

Sally’s Box

70% of our planet is made of water, and so is the human body. Due to the lack of proper hydration, even young skin may look lacking in elasticity and expression lines will become more visible. The goal of Sally’s Box is to hydrate the skin by using only safe ingredients and “moisture α” technology.


At the University Skin Clinic in Bonn in 1952 Dr. Heinz Maurer has developed the first cleansing product that is adapted to the physiological pH value of 5.5 of healthy skin. This is where the story of a pioneer in the field of medical skin care began: the SEBAMED brand, which is now sold in more than 88 countries around the world. Sebamed supports the skin’s natural repair mechanisms and thus protects it from environmental damage. Products with a pH value of 5.5, are adjusted to the pH value of healthy skin, do not contain soap, so they maintain a natural protective layer. The cosmetics do not contain mineral oils, parabens, silicones, microplastics or aluminum salts in deodorants. SEBAMED means both healthy cleansing and care of the skin, as well as maintaining it in good health and solving various skin and hair problems. The brand offers a wide range for all age groups.


Apologize to your skin with… a mask! Ultru: I’m Sorry For My Skin is a series of regenerating sheet masks, designed to alleviate skin problems. AMF (Artificial Moisturizing Factor: No: 10-2014-0058013) consisting of silica nanoparticles, moisturizes up to 120 hours.

Welcos brands

The brands of the creators of the best-selling Frudia products. The formulas have been enriched with fruit juice, which leaves a pleasant citrus scent.